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  1. Tribeca Al
    February 2, 2013

    First let me correct one mistake, Jessica Lappin is not term limited. Secondly, I was aware Julie Menin had changed parties 10 years ago. She never tried to hide it. I am a life long and proud Democrat. That said, I don't vote only on party affiliation. I vote on what a candidate has done with their life. Julie has never waivered on her support of freedom of speech and religion. She supported both OWS and the Mosque when it wasn't popular with many lower Manhattan residents. Julie has spoken out for issues like a living wage, paid sick leave, affordable housing, marriage equality. The list goes on and on. No matter which party she registered with she has always been a true progressive and that's what counts.

  2. Raymond W. Cline
    February 2, 2013

    A few months ago, Councilmember Lappin called me and asked me to support her bid for Manhattan Borough President. She spent several minutes listing her credentials. When she finished, I asked her directly why she voted Yes on the NYU 2031 Plan which will destroy Greenwich Village. She mumbled something about Christine Quinn wanting the 2031 Plan to go forward. The conversation didn’t last much longer. I never got the chance to discuss why she voted for a third term for Councilmembers and Mayor Bloomberg, though I suspect she might have said something about the mayor and Speaker wanting that to go through also. Looking back on the discussion, I should have asked Ms. Lappin about the Daily News’ slush fund article from June 1, 2009 entitled “City Council members get campaign contributions from nonprofit organizations they funded” and how her campaign received almost $12,000 from a school’s board she had obtained $15,000 for.

    If Ms. Lappin called me today, I would ask her to explain a few other things, such as NYC Campaign Finance Board’s data showing that Howard Milstein bundled $50,450 for her, and Frank Sciame of FJ Sciame Construction got her $16,000. I could go on about the money that Tishman, the Goren Group and other real estate concerns got her, but readers can see for themselves and think about Ms. Lappin’s development leanings.

    I’m just not impressed with Ms. Lappin’s tough questioning of NYU 2031 at the Council’s public hearing – posturing means nothing unless you act on what you say. The truth is she voted to approve something that will irrevocably hurt my community. I don’t see how anyone in Greenwich Village could reward her with a vote.

    As for Julie Menin changing political parties briefly some 10 years ago, I’ve been active in the Democratic Party for a very long time and have helped many Democrats get into office. I’ve talked about the virtues of being a Democrat more times than I can recall. Yet if asked “are you voting for the party or the person,” I vote for the person. Ms. Menin changed parties in order to help her community in the 9/11 aftermath. Ed Koch once described himself as a common-sense liberal to describe his thought process. Julie Menin displays the same kind of common sense and dedication to her constituents.

  3. Betsy
    February 4, 2013

    Cline in wrong about at least one thing–Lappin voted against giving Bloomberg a 3rd term. I keep a list of how each City Council member voted handy, so I know I'm correct about this. I can't confirm the accuracy of anything else Cline said but given this egregious error, I suggest that some fact checking is in order.

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