Police Blotter, Week of Jan. 10, 2013

Senior MacDougal mugging
Police arrested a thug who scared a senior citizen into coughing up more than $200 in cash late on Fri., Jan. 4.

The victim, a 65-year-old man, told cops that he was walking along MacDougal St., between W. Third St. and Minetta Lane, around 11 p.m., when someone approached him from behind. The perpetrator, later identified as Derrick Gary, 44, then allegedly told the older man, “Give me all your s—.” Without hesitation, the victim then pulled $210 out of his pocket, according to his testimony in the police report, and Gary snatched it before fleeing the scene on foot.

But about four hours after the crime was reported, officers canvassing the area were able to track down Gary, charging him with grand larceny.

Beaned by a barstool
Things got a little too heated at a West Village Mexican restaurant and bar early on Jan. 5, when one woman ended her night of drinking by allegedly beaning another female with a barstool.

Police responded to Ofrenda, at 113 Seventh Ave. South, around 5 a.m., following reports of a dispute. After officers arrived, the 29-year-old victim told them that, as a result of the argument, Mariela Reyes, 31, had picked up the stool and heaved it at her, hitting her above the left eye. Reyes was charged with assault, and while the victim suffered minor swelling and bruising on her face, police said she refused medical attention.

Not D.W.I., but trouble
Police arrested a 29-year-old man for reckless endangerment on the night of Jan. 3, after he drove dangerously down West St. and was found to have alcohol in his system.

Gerti Muho was first spotted by officers around 11:30 p.m., while driving his 2013 BMW south on 10th Ave. at 60 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. After crossing Little W. 12th St., police said Muho continued down West St., increasing his speed to around 80 miles per hour while also cutting off multiple other vehicles as he weaved through traffic. And when the officers turned on their lights and siren in order to pull him over, Muho then allegedly accelerated to 90 miles per hour and began swerving even more in an effort to evade pursuit.

After a brief chase, the speeding driver eventually gave up, police said, and slammed on the brakes shortly after passing W 11th St. Once Muho stopped, police said they could smell alcohol on his breath and noticed other typical signs of drunkenness, including bloodshot eyes and unsteady walking. But a Breathalyzer test showed Muho’s blood alcohol level to be .076, just under the .08 necessary for a driver to be charged with D.W.I.

License plate forgers
Two men accused of making and using a fake license plate were busted as they drove through the South Village early on Fri., Jan. 5.

Police said they pulled over John Doe, 28, near the corner of West Houston St. and Laguardia Place around 2:30 a.m. when he was seen talking on his phone while driving. After making the stop, the officers discovered that the temporary plate attached to the rear of his vehicle had been forged. And upon questioning Doe and his passenger, John Doe Doe, 26, police said they learned that Doe had in fact created the false plate.

Both men were charged with forgery.

Sam Spokony

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