The new way to his heart is through her stomach (mint)

Photo by Sam Spokony

Sure, mints taste good — but are they all kiss-worthy? Promoters of Eatwhatever breath mints took to the streets last Thursday to prove that theirs are the best and easiest way to get “kissable” breath. One guy, above, passing through Washington Square Park that afternoon got a firsthand taste of the action.

Unlike run-of-the-mill mints, Eatwhatever is actually a combination that works in your stomach as well as your mouth. First, you swallow a vegan-friendly, gluten-free gelcap filled with peppermint and parsley seed oil; then you pop in a more typical mint to suck on. Founder Jacqui Rosshandler (not pictured), who hails from Australia but now lives in the West Village, explained that it’s easy to tell why the two-step, breath-freshening process is most effective.

“When you eat onions or garlic, you can brush your teeth all day, and you can chew as much gum or suck on as many mints as you want, but you won’t get rid of the smell, because it’s coming from your stomach,” Rosshandler said. “But with Eatwhatever, if you burp, you just burp peppermint.”

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