Police Blotter, Week of Nov. 22, 2012

Meatpack cop attack
A boneheaded criminal tried choking out a Sixth Precinct cop on Sunday afternoon, and now he’ll learn the hard way about why it might’ve been a good idea to check that impulse.

John Shultz, 35, attacked the officer on Little West 12th St., between Ninth Ave. and Washington St., around 2 p.m., by wrapping a cord around his neck, police said. The officer suffered some abrasions, swelling and severe pain, according to the report, but other cops responding to the scene were able to subdue Shultz and slap the cuffs on him.

Shultz was charged with assaulting a police officer.

Meatpacking pickers
Cops bagged a quartet of Meatpacking District crooks around midnight on Sunday, after the four had teamed up to grab cash out of a woman’s purse.

Jenny Jessica, 19, was able to snatch the cash as the victim walked past the corner of Gansevoort and Greenwich Sts., after her accomplices — Anita McLaughlin, 22, Melvin Gilliam, 40, and Marion Benbow, 33 — thoroughly distracted the unsuspecting woman, police said. The group immediately tried to flee the scene, and they almost got away, but officers responding to the resulting commotion were able to corral all four thieves.

They were charged with grand larceny.

Phone robbers
A man was attacked and robbed in the West Village early on Sunday, but his two antagonists both got the hook before they could slip away.

Roberto Valcin, 22, and Patrick Anderson, 46, approached the 24-year-old man as he passed the corner of Bleecker and Thompson Sts. around 1 a.m., and asked him if he wanted to buy some drugs, police said. When the startled man declined and tried to keep walking, Valcin allegedly punched him in the face and ripped the victim’s cell phone out of his hand. Both perps turned and fled, but police apprehended them just down the block and charged them both with robbery.

Fake plate fails
A hotshot motorcycle rider lost some of his mojo on Saturday night, after cops booked him for using a fake license plate.

Kenneth Lin, 20, was pulled over near the corner of Barrow and W. Fourth Sts. around 7 p.m. because cops were suspicious of the bike’s tag. Upon closer inspection, it was clearly a fake, and Lin even admitted that he’d bought it on the Internet, police said.

Lin was charged with forgery, and to top it off, cops later found that his license is currently suspended.

Grove glass attack
A toasted bar crawler allegedly smashed a glass over another man’s head on Saturday in the West Village, surely giving both of them a night to remember — or forget.

James Amoroso, 35, was arrested for assault after the scuffle that took place inside the 49 Grove bar, eponymously named after its address, around 1 a.m. A 24-year-old man told police that, after a verbal dispute went too far, Amoroso ended up shattering the glass on the side of the victim’s face, leaving him with multiple cuts.

Sam Spokony

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