Proud, political – G.O.P. transvestites

Linda Obuchoska, left, and “Jeanette” meet again in Washington Square. Photo by Bob Krasner

BY BOB KRASNER  |  When Linda Obuchoska walked into Washington Square Park one day five years ago, she had no idea that a chance meeting and a snapshot photo would turn into a friendship and a documentary about, yes, Republican cross-dressers. Her film explores a world of elderly, heterosexual, right-wing men who spend their leisure time dressed as women.-

An editorial and fine art photographer with years of newspaper experience, Obuchoska met “Jeanette,” whom she remembers as a “vision in white go-go boots,” while hanging out with a friend in the park.-An impromptu photo shoot led to years of camaraderie and a photographic collaboration that evolved into a documentary.

Like many of the film’s other subjects, Jeanette, a former C.E.O.,-began cross-dressing late in life. He’s a staunch Republican who opposes gay marriage and was married for 50 years. (His late wife supported his obsession.)

Obuchoska has spent the last few years seeking out likeminded cross-dressers and exploring their apparent contradictions.-

The trailer features, among others, a former green beret in a wig and a dress espousing the virtues of Sarah Palin. Obuchoska has teamed with filmmaker Mark Brady and launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to finish the project. About a week is left for people to contribute.

Although many viewers’ first reaction is, “Hysterical!” the filmmakers aren’t out to laugh at anyone. “These people are very sweet and genuine,” said Obuchoska. “Through them I have learned to be tolerant of others’ beliefs. I want to show their humanity.” To see the trailer and donate to the Kickstarter effort, go to AND .

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3 Responses to Proud, political – G.O.P. transvestites

  1. So I do have to know do all his Republican friends know about his penchant for womans clothes? Does he openly go to Republican Party meetings dressed en femme? Do his obvious christian conservative views also fall into discrimination for the transgender community? This obvious Fluff piece is at best a joke……

  2. Hi Dawn, Thanks for your questions. You will have to see my documentary to get your answers when if comes out next year! Enjoy !… Linda

  3. (typo).."when it comes out". :-)

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