Pizzapalooza fills church hall with cheese-’n’-crust faithful

Pizza purveyors proudly showed their wares at the charity event as the hungry hordes dug in. Gran Daisy’s savory slices are actually known as pane. Photos by Tequila Minsky

BY TEQUILA MINSKY  |  At the stroke of 6 p.m. on Oct. 10, the hungry hordes stampeded into the Church of St. Anthony’s parish hall on Sullivan St., where more than 33 traditional and artisanal pizza purveyors provided slices at a dollar apiece. What a bargain!

There were thin-crust and deep-dish selections and gluten-free, vegan and cheeseless pizzas available. Slices with sausage and pepperoni flew into the boxes the hungry were given as they amassed their meals.

And there was an array of other types of pies and toppings — from white pizza with cheese only, to one offering heaped with a combo of squash, olives and raisins, and many other creative and quirky variations.

The ’za came from the Village, the Lower East Side, Brooklyn and beyond. The pizza gobblers washed down their slices with Fizzy Lizzy soda or Ferrarelle mineral water.

The line to get into the pizzapalooza stretched around the corner onto Houston St. and all the way onto Thompson St. The event didn’t end until all the $1 pizza ran out.

New York City’s biggest pizza party raised a lot of dough. Named “Slice Out Hunger,” the fast-food fest collected $12,000 for City Harvest, New York’s premier food-rescue organization. City Harvest accepts perishable and prepared foods, safely stored, from licensed food businesses, as well nonperishable foods, and delivers them to food kitchens and food pantries.


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