Hudson River Park shocker

Photos by Tequila Minsky (top) and Lincoln Anderson (below)

Bringing his brand of illusion and endurance art to Hudson River Park’s Pier 54, magician David Blaine withstood a bombardment of crackling electric current for 72 hours straight, from Friday evening to Monday evening. As he stood on a platform wearing a special chainmail suit, seven Tesla coils — to the pulsing of minimalist techno beats — spat out a controlled lighting storm in the air around him. Raising his arms, Blaine was able to channel the electricity and shoot it out from his fin- gertips. He wore a special visor to protect his eyes, noise-cancelling earphones and also used a ventilation system to protect his lungs from the ionized air. He went without food and sucked water from a tube, while urinating into a catheter. Because his special suit and headgear channeled the electricity, experts scoffed that Blaine was never in danger. But it still looked pretty cool.

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