Harvest kicks it up a notch

Photos by Sam Spokony (stilt walker) and Jefferson Siegel

A flashy stilt walker captivated his audience with some fancy moves Friday evening at La Plaza Cultural community garden at Ninth St. and Avenue C, as the Harvest Arts Festival began. Meanwhile, at 6th and B Garden, Ace Ramsey, 6, from Little Italy, had her face painted by Effie Surlis, holding the mirror. Ramsey is the daughter of Sharon Blythe, who was five months pregnant with Ace when, in August 2005, she was arrested during a Critical Mass ride, scaring the daylights out of her father, Art D’Lugoff, the late great Village Gate impresario. Musical acts at the garden included Bill Popp and The Tapes, Global Groove and Miles Steinhouse. Organized by Loisada United Neighborhood Gardens (LUNGS), the festival featured entertainment and barbecues at 24 gardens in the East Village and Lower East Side on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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3 Responses to Harvest kicks it up a notch

  1. Hi to whoever wrote this. I’d just like to correct a mistaken impression.
    The 6B Garden’s Harvest festival is an independent event of decades-long standing. It is organized entirely by the garden members. LUNGS merely reprinted our program information.
    It is a wonder that they did not reach out during the many months of planning.
    Roger DeGennaro
    Events Committee Chair, 6B Garden

  2. I'd like to clarify a mis-statement in this article. The Harvest Festival at the Street and Ave B Garden is not organized by LUNGS. It is a long standing event offered to the public by its members, who each and every year work hard and use both personal monies and monies raised exclusively from the projects of 6th & B Garden.This event is purely their initiative. I am extremely dismayed by what I'll call "bannering" which allows LUNGS to take credit for and thus diminish the efforts of the 6th and B Garden members, who deserve all of the praise for their efforts.
    LUNGS may print a newsletter to help let the public know about garden events, but they are not involved in the planning, nor do they offer any funding.

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