O.K., cut! That’s a wrap!

Photo by Toni Dalton

It seemingly took forever, but Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi is finally sporting a new coat of Pompeii Red paint.

A year ago, scaffolding was erected around the whimsical tower, on W. 11th St. between Washington and West Sts., causing speculation that a repainting job was in the works.

When the black construction netting first came off the film director/artist’s new building in 2007, its vivid color sent a shock through the historic West Village. Commenting back then, Andrew Berman, director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, raised Schnabel’s hackles by calling the hue “hot pink,” to which the famous painter and film director retorted it was, in fact, “Pompeii red.”

But by 2011, the color had faded drastically to a very faint dusty rose.

This time around, however, it appeared that a sandstone-colored primer was added first, so perhaps the newly applied Pompeii red will persevere a bit longer.

The Venetian retro-style residence involved adding an 11-story addition to a three-story former stable.

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One Response to O.K., cut! That’s a wrap!

  1. Wonderful shot with the new World Trade Center in the background almost completed and the tops of brownstones. A nice rendering of our City always changing. I’ve always loved Schnabel’s palazzo – in all of it’s colorful stages.

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