Occupy gives it another try

Photos by Sam Spokony

Occupy Wall Street protesters kicked off celebrating the movement’s one-year anniversary Saturday with a march from Washington Square Park to Zuccotti Park. Sunday saw Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and other musicians perform an O.W.S. concert in Foley Square. On Monday, the protesters tried to shut down Wall St. with a “People’s Wall,” then played cat and mouse with police all day,  in the end, resulting in nearly 200 arrests. Top left: East Harlem resident Dan Shockley, 37, made a “debt boulder” and brought it to the O.W.S. gathering at Battery Park Monday afternoon, to illustrate the massive weight of debt that so many Americans carry. He posed as Sisyphus, pushing his boulder up a hill, to show the futility of fighting back. Top right: O.W.S. protesters, including many from Washington, D.C., had just gotten amped up on Saturday after turning south from Waverly Place onto Broadway to head down to Zuccotti Park. Below right: About a quarter of the way through Saturday’s march, tempers flared between protesters and police, leading to several arrests. This man was dragged out of the crowd and aggressively thrown to the pavement, after straying too far from the sidewalk. Below left: Activists dressed as a satirically fictional baseball team called the Tax Dodgers performed a demonstration outside the Chase bank at Broadway and Exchange Place on Monday afternoon, donning “1%” caps and getting a few laughs from both fellow Occupiers and passersby.



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