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  1. clayton patterson
    July 5, 2012

    Get a copy of the book Resistance a Radical Social and Political History of the Lower East Side- edited by Clayton Patterson– read the article: Documenting the Italian-AMerican Civil Rights League by Aldo Tambellini. Aldo had permission from Joe Colombo to document the events that day. Aldo got there just as the shooter was running away. He captured some of the madness. Aldo's position is Joe Colombo was a courageous man helping the Italian-American community. According to Also many Italians loved and supported Joe Colombo for his political message-

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  2. www.NYCGangland.com
    April 14, 2014

    Aldo may have been swept away by the moment. Pol Pot had people who loved and supported him, as well. Columbo portrayed himself as Robin Hood for the Italian-American community when, in reality, he was merely a hood and the AI Civil Rights League a diversionary tactic. It wasn’t frequently commented on, but Columbo actually insulted the intelligence of Italian-Americans by repeatedly using them as pawns, doing little to empower them except coin slogans i.e. “Numero Uno”. But they were slogans meant to be chanted at picket lines which naturally promoted Columbo’s own criminal and political agendas.

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