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  1. HKres
    May 17, 2012

    Thank You Mr. Gottfried for your measured and thoughtful report and not resorting to the frenetic "it MUST be done in JUNE" Doom that is the meme of the Hudson River Park Trust.
    You mentioned that the Trust commissioned a study of Pier 40 upon which you and members of a select committee were briefed. If the Trust is a public entity why has this study and it's findings not been available to the public or the press?
    In fact according to reporting by The Villager no copies were even allowed to be given to the members of your committee. You mention that financial and traffic impact were studied, any other perimeters that this study focused on? City resources? For instance impact on police and fire departments, public schools? Especially with all the residential development on the West Side now. Won't that mean even more stain on the city?
    Will you call on the Trust to release this study to the public?
    Are you in favor of making this process transparent?
    Why would you ask us to change the usage of the Hudson River Act when there is no actual plan?
    I encourage you to continue to call on the the city and state government to fulfill it's commitment and ACT on their commitment to complete the park. When you introduce PRIVATE housing onto a PUBLIC park the real debate we are going to need to have is who gets to live there now.
    And Hudson River PARK was created to be a PARK. Not a Private Park.
    Thank you for keeping an open as well as a critical eye on this issue.

  2. Guest
    May 23, 2012

    Save the money! Pier 40 would be better off sinking into the river and becoming a habitat for water wildlife. This alternative must be on the table.

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