Police Blotter, Week of April 19, 2012

Perry St. rape
Police arrested Ivan Ramos, 22, of Brooklyn, around 1:30 a.m. Sun., April 15, and charged him with dragging a woman, 29, into a basement entrance at 129 Perry St. between Greenwich and Washington Sts. and raping her.

The victim, who had spent Saturday night drinking with friends, told police the suspect tried to use her debit card to get cash from an A.T.M. When that didn’t work, he dragged her down the basement stairs, threatened to kill her, then raped her from behind and forced her to perform oral sex, according to reports.

The suspect walked away when the victim began screaming. A passerby who heard her cries, followed the suspect and pointed him out to police, according to a New York Post item.

Ramos, who is being held in lieu of bail on rape charges, has been arrested many times for various criminal offenses, according to law enforcement sources.

Sex attacker indicted
A grand jury indicted Michael Torres, 29, on March 14 for the sexual assault and attempted rape of a woman in the Bowery station of the J train on Feb. 8 of this year. Torres is charged with pulling the victim off an escalator using a chokehold, dragging her to the end of the platform and onto the tracks. There he repeatedly banged her head against the rails, pulled her by the hair further into the tunnel and sexually assaulted her. An M.T.A. employee who heard her screams came to her aid.

‘Huh? I stole this iPad?’
Police responded to a call from an employee of a baby shop at 230 Mulberry St. shortly before 3 p.m. Wed., April 11, who told them a suspect had just snatched her iPad from the counter and fled with it on foot toward Houston St. Two Transit Antiterrorism officers decided to check out the Bleecker/Lafayette St. subway station at Houston St., where they spotted someone holding an iPad and fitting the description of the suspect.

“Why are you guys looking at me like I just stole this iPad?” the suspect said just before he fled with the officers in pursuit.

They arrested Kevin Chavis, 22, who fought with the officers, inflicting a broken wrist on one and cuts on both of them. Chavis is charged with larceny, assaulting the officers and resisting arrest.

Gun on Canal
Police arrested a suspect in the Canal St. C train subway station around 10 p.m. Tues., April 10, and charged him with weapon possession after they found a .38-caliber Taurus handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets in his pocket. The suspect, Rahmeek Younger, struggled with the arresting office and was also charged with resisting arrest.

Cops grab groper
Police arrested Karl Vanderwoude, 26, on Fri., April 13, and charged him with groping four women in Lower Manhattan, the Village and the Upper East Side over the past few months. He is accused of groping a woman, 22, and sticking a camera under her skirt as she exited the Chambers St. subway station on March 30. On Feb. 26 he is charged with grabbing a woman’s buttocks and crotch at Varick and King Sts. The following day, he is alleged to have groped a woman on Second Ave. near E. 67th St. On the afternoon of Feb. 25 he is charged with groping a woman, 33, on E. 62nd St. and Park Ave.

Vanderwoude’s  lawyer, Lori Cohen, said her client — whom she described as a “gentleman” who conducts weekly Bible classes in his Brooklyn apartment — was innocent. The suspect, a Dutch native, was released on his own recognizance.

Jumped on 13th St.
A resident, 57, jumped to her death from her sixth-floor apartment in the Markle Evangeline Residence for Women at 123 W. 13th St. around 3:58 a.m. Sun., April 15. Police said they suspect no criminality.

Robbery arrests
Police arrested two of four suspects who surrounded and mugged a victim on the northwest corner of Hudson and King Sts. around 2:30 a.m. Wed., April 11. The quartet punched the victim, 33, in the face and forced him to surrender his property, police said. Samuel Best, 19, and Dennis Ford, 23, were soon arrested, but their two accomplices escaped.

Soho cell snatch
A Brooklyn woman, 23, was texting on her cell phone around 1:30 p.m. Sat., April 14, on Broadway at Prince St. when a thief snatched the phone from her hands and fled north.

App got its man
A man who had his cell phone stolen after he fell asleep on a No. 1 train around 3:30 a.m. Tues., April 10, went back to his home in the Village to track it on his Find My iPhone application. At the Sixth Precinct stationhouse, police used the application to determine that the phone had been reregistered in the name of Joe Outley and was at E. 107th near Fifth Ave. Police found Outley sleeping in the hall of the E. 107 St. building and recovered the phone.

Vehicle crimes
A Providence, Rhode Island, man parked his car in front of 74 Wooster St. around 2 p.m. Sun., April 15, while he and his two friends went shopping and sightseeing. They returned three hours later to find their bags, with clothes, credit cards and jewelry, had been stolen without any sign of forced entry. The victim acknowledged to police that he might have failed to lock the car.

A motorist from Rochester, N.Y., parked his car at the northwest corner of Prince and MacDougal Sts. around noon on Sun., April 8, and returned at 5 p.m. to discover that his bag, with clothing, jewelry and electronic items with a total value of $8,233, had been stolen from the trunk.

A Jersey City man parked his 2008 Ducati motorcycle and wheel-locked it in front of 131 Sullivan St. at 2 a.m. Sat., April 14, but found it was gone when he returned at 9 a.m.

Car-stop arrest
Police stopped a car for running a red light at Sixth Ave. and Bleecker St. at 5 p.m. Wed., April 11, and discovered that the driver, David Grantham, 30, had a warrant out for his arrest. Grantham was also charged with weapon possession for having a “dangerous” knife and for possession of a forged instrument for having a bank card that was not his.

Looking for a fight
Sixth Precinct police arrested a man who was yelling and trying to provoke a fight at 4:15 a.m. Sun. April 15 on the southeast corner of Sixth Ave. and W. Third St., which has been a recent trouble spot. The suspect, Adem Hoxha, 26, resisted being handcuffed and hit an officer in the face with his elbow, giving him a bloody nose.

Albert Amateau

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