Protesters starting to get occupied with Union Sq.

[media-credit name="Photos by Shell Sheddy" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/media-credit]As Occupy Wall Street is reactivating with spring’s arrival, on Monday protesters reached a consensus to form a “New Occupation” at Union Square. Some camped out in sleeping bags, but there were no tents, which are not allowed. More than 100 people had settled into the park’s south portion, where they set up banners. The hallmarks of the original encampment also made the move, with a smaller version of the free soup kitchen, a library of books spread out on the steps and a circle of people doing exercises. A sign reading “Class War Camp” hung from a table. Just after midnight Wednesday, police moved in to evict the hundreds who had gathered, making at least one arrest. By Wednesday afternoon, several dozen demonstrators had regrouped, though with no banners. Late Wednesday morning, Park Enforcement Patrol officers asked people to move from near the statue. There were several arrests. Just after lunchtime, an uneasy calm settled over the dozens of O.W.S. participants remaining, who were enjoying the mild weather. On Saturday, hundreds had gathered at Zuccotti Park, O.W.S.’s original stomping ground. Seventy-three arrests were made after police ordered the protesters — who were marking the movement’s six-month anniversary — to disperse.

Jefferson Siegel

[media-credit name="Photos by Shell Sheddy" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/media-credit][media-credit name="Photos by Shell Sheddy" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/media-credit]

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