Facts, not attacks

To The Editor:
Re “We don’t want ‘B.S. BID’” (letter, by Pete Davies, Nov. 24):

In response to Pete Davies’s claim that he can’t find a record that I live at 40 Mercer St.:

Let’s not make this personal, Pete. That’s why so many of my neighbors don’t want to get involved. If you really must know, the condo is in my wife’s name, Deborah Schwartz.

All you had to do was ask. Instead, you spread lies and half-truths. Our condo board, representing 40 residential units, voted unanimously more than a year ago to support the Soho BID.

Yesterday, the condo board affirmed that vote, again unanimously. In this last year, not one residential condo unit owner has objected to the board’s decision in favor of the BID.

Let’s stick to the facts, Pete, and leave the personal stuff out of it.
Alan Ballinger

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